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With our products in different materials that you can use in many environments such as machinery, music systems, office & meeting rooms and living spaces, you can prevent impacts and vibrations by increasing the sound insulation between floors with suitable insulation materials.

In this way, you will not disturb your neighbors and you can move freely in the environment.

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Wall insulation is very important to ensure peace and quiet. Today’s technologies, the vehicles we use and environmental noise seriously affect our social and business life.

As Palikar Building Acoustics, you can examine our products produced for this purpose and consult us for any questions and ideas you have in mind.



Sound insulation to be applied on the ceiling should generally be suitable for the purpose of preventing airborne and vibration-induced sounds.

With ceiling sound insulation, you can prevent some of the sounds coming from your upper floor, as well as preventing the sounds in your environment from spreading around, so you can work or enjoy entertainment comfortably without disturbing anyone.

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Sound Insulation, Noise Pollution, Speech Intelligibility, Echo-Reverberation Problems, Privacy of Speech, Vibration, Impact etc. isolation problems,

Project Design

Insulation solutions that we think for you in accordance with the project area in new buildings and buildings whose intended use is to be changed,


In accordance with the project we have prepared with our application teams or
you can get professional service the way you want.

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Is there a project you want to implement?

As Palikar Yapı, we offer consultancy services for your works that are still in the planning stage. In the process starting from the idea stage to the development of the project, our expert team will support you at every stage, producing different solutions suitable for your needs, and will assist you technically and financially with alternative service packages.